Meterial Preparation


SILK PLASTER is a DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) product! You don`t need any professional skills or equipment to coat the wall with Silk Plaster.

If you plan to create a picture with Silk Plaster, first you need to draw the sketch.

1. You will need a plastic tub, plastic trowel, water and pack with Silk Plaster! Pour out 6 liters of warm (not hot!) water into a plastic tub. Add sparkles into the water and mix.
Note: 4.5 liters per pack are needed for “East” and “Nord”.

2. Shake the pack with Silk Plaster and put the material into the same plastic tub. Knead well by hands.

3. Leave the kneaded material lying for 12 hours before applying. Advice: For keeping the soaked material use the original pack of Silk Plaster.

Knead it manually (hand mixing), straining through the fingers, one more time to avoid clotting of glue.

4. Add up to 1 litter of water for easier application.

5. Taking small portions, apply the kneaded material very thin (2 mm) and flat by plastic trowel from one corner to another. The quantity to be used should be mixed together at one time.

6. For perfect applying smooth out the surface by constantly wet trowel in 1-2 hours. Use also side lighting.

7. It is also possible to apply Economy by sprayer (pressure 4 atmosphere, nozzle from 4 mm). Stick to the specified material consumption (5-8 sqm/1 package).

Note: To avoid roughness of the surface please follow the specified material consumption.

Economy 4.5 – 5 sq.m Elite 3 – 3.5 sq.m
Standard 4,5 – 5 sq.m Airline 3.5 – 4 sq.m
Glitter 3.5 – 4 sq.m Nord 3.5 – 4 sq.m
Relief 3.5-4 sq.m West 3.5 – 4 sq.m
Prestige 3.5 – 4 sq.m South 3.5 – 4 sq.m
Silk-Mono 3 – 3.5 sq.m East 4 – 4.5 sq.m
Silk-Decor 3 – 3.5 sq.m Eco-Decor 3.5 sq.m
Victoria 4 sq.m

Do not apply Silk plaster if the temperature indoors is below 15 C. The water content should be normal.

Important: East and Nord types should be mixed with 4.5 liters per pack.

Drying: Between up to 48 hours depending on temperature and humidity indoors.