Wall Preparation


Important: The wall should be freshly plastered. It should become completely dry, clean and flat. New Walls: just prime it with any waterproof primer or any waterproof emulsion paint. Note that the wall should be uniformly white color. We recommend using the original manufacturer’s primer “SILK PLASTER”.

Old Walls: if the surface is old (more than 5 years), or dump, or made from wood or have metal inside of it (nails for example), then we recommend coating it first with any oil-based paint, white color. Then coat it with usual emulsion paint for good adhesion. Then apply Silk Plaster.

“Oil-based paint is needed to make the seal between Silk Plaster and the wall. Our material is water-based and can absorb all the negative things from the wall, like rusting for example. So you have to protect Silk Plaster from what is inside of the wall. Oil-based paint is the best protection.”

Otherwise, instead of oil-based paint, prime the surface with the mixture of PVA adhesive and any water resistant emulsion paint for front walls (masonry paint) in proportion 1:2. Please, apply 2-3 layers of the primer till you get homogeneous white color. Make sure the wall is white, dry, clean and flat before applying Silk Plaster.

Places where rust may occur (bolts, screws, nails, tacks and etc.) should be covered pointwise with oil-based paint to prevent rusting.

Recommendation: If you still doubt in cleanness of the surface please cover it with white oil-based paint before applying Silk Plaster!